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Browse through our selection of Electric Vehicles, designed to reinvent the way you get around. This category features a variety of Electric Bikes and Scooters, expertly selected to bring you the best in performance, safety, and style.

Our Electric Bikes combine innovative design with cutting-edge technology. They offer pedaling assistance that makes it easy to tackle long routes or inclines, making the commute to work or weekend outing less tiring and more enjoyable. Available in a variety of models, our e-bikes meet the needs of every type of cyclist.

Our Electric Scooters represent a versatile and modern mobility solution. Lightweight, compact, and easy to ride, these vehicles are perfect for short trips around town, allowing you to avoid traffic and reducing your environmental impact. We offer a wide range of models, with various maximum speeds and ranges, to meet different mobility needs.

All of our Electric Vehicles are sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring reliability and durability. In addition, we offer dedicated customer service to assist you at every stage, from purchase to use of your new electric vehicle.

Explore our range of Electric Bikes and Scooters and join the sustainable mobility revolution. Turn your daily commute or leisure time into an environmentally friendly and fun-filled experience.

Electric Bicycles LN20M04 (20'' Snow Bike-Man)

Discover our model LN20M04 e-bikes, perfect for transforming your daily commute or your next adventure. These high-quality e-bikes are available in three stylish colors: black, red and white.

Our bikes feature a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame combined with a 20'' front fork, creating a perfect balance between strength and handling. The 20'' wheels with lightened bore and 20'x4.0'' wide tires offer excellent stability on different types of terrain.

The bicycle is equipped with a motor in the rear BAFANG 36V and 250W hub, which can reach a speed of 25 km/h. Samsung's 36V and 13AH lithium-ion battery ensures a long range between charges.

To ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience, these bikes are equipped with Tektro disc brakes, aluminum brake levers with automatic electric shutoff, and a 7-speed Shimano gearbox. The comfortable and adjustable black seat ensures optimal comfort during long rides.

For your night rides, the bikes are equipped with handlebar-mounted LED front lights and solar-powered rear lights. Pedal assist (PAS) and a 5-level LCD display make it easy to monitor and control your performance on the go.

Be surprised by the power and versatility of our LN20M04 electric bikes. Choose the color you like best and start your adventure in style and comfort.


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