Used and New Apparel and Accessories

Faced with an ever-increasing demand for wholesale second-hand clothing, Stravaganze Ltd. is committed to recycling and customizing used clothing, transforming them into revamped, up-to-date versions. As specialized suppliers of second-hand clothing, we aim to satisfy every customer's need. Our assortment includes unselected second-hand clothing, selected used clothing, and bale clothing. Our offerings range from used jeans, dresses, leather jackets, to new clothing. We also have bales of used shoes, sneakers, second-hand bags, and many other items.

Our items are available for purchase in stock, making them the perfect choice for both retailers and anyone looking to stock up on quality garments at affordable prices. Shop our selection of New Apparel and Accessories and take advantage of our unbeatable deals.

Most items come from bankruptcy and judicial auction stocks, allowing us to offer branded products at competitive prices.


Customize your garments with your own branding


You can customize the desired bale weight, from 40 kg to 100 kg.

Article List

120 categories of used and new clothing ranging from men's and women's clothing to children's clothing.


Grade A, B or unselected used clothing on request.



On Request


Jeans - Clothing - Accessories


Women - Men - Children


Summer - Winter

Raw material:

Recycled used clothes from first-tier cities


Logo and packaging can be customized

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As a reliable supplier of second-hand clothes, we have been helping numerous prestigious brands purchase superior quality second-hand products since the early 2000s. With an established supply chain system, strict quality control and top-notch quality, we are able to grow your business to new heights. Contact our team today.