Our range of used products
Why choose our used products

Premium Quality

All used clothes are selected from top-notch locations to ensure excellent quality.

Wide Product Range

Over 120 categories of used clothing suitable for different markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Competitive prices

We collect and recycle used clothing en masse, enabling us to get the best prices in the market.

Guaranteed Products

Our used products pass global certification standards, including BV, fumigation certificate and SGS.

Wholesale Leader

Our daily challenge is to meet the continuous demands of international markets by ensuring greater and greater efficiency and quality.



Clothing, footwear and accessories from the best sources of acquisition.



The best items are sorted according to qualities and standards.



We carefully place the goods in bags or bales, of various weights and sizes.


Customize your mixed rags according to your needs, such as choosing the list of items, adding your brand logo, packing style, bale weight, and more.

Powerful processing

With a production facility of about 5,000 meters, dedicated production lines and a team of experienced workers, we recycle and sort several tons of clothes per month.

Strict quality control

Through strict quality control guidelines and production processes, we ensure the highest quality and consistency of our used clothing products.

Quick delivery

Long-term partnerships with well-established shipping agencies allow for quick and timely deliveries, along with a guaranteed shipping assignment even during peak season.

Value-added services

We want to help your business grow and elevate your second-hand purchase through additional services, such as customized customization, packaging, and upgrading, among others.

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Thanks to numerous global partners, we operate in more than 21 across Africa, Latin America and Europe

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State-of-the-art facility with several logistics in italy and Europe

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Years of experience

Since the late 1980s' the core business has been the marketing and distribution of used clothing.

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We have supported our Specialized Work Team with the latest technology and the most sophisticated automation systems, enabling the optimization of work and time.

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